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Bail Bonding is a career that varies heavily from state to state. Each state sets it own licensure and educational requirements. The State of Florida requires a 120 Hour " Classroom" setting course as one of the requirements.

Florida Bail Bond School has now brought the 120 hour pre-licensing Webinar classroom course , which is delivered through interaction with a live instructor via the internet to make it more convenient and accessible to you, while satisfying the State's requirements. This classroom instruction course requires a 80% passing grade or higher.


PART 1  :  Register with the University Of Florida by clicking the Link located on our webiste . You can register at anytime and start taking ( PART 1)  of the Course, this portion of the course is self driven by the student. This Part 1 of the course stucture is meant to familiarize you with the industry, laws and statues. ( This part alone will not statisfy the requirements set by the Department of Financial Services)

PART 2 :  Once you complete PART 1 you will be directed to select a webinar date from ones already approved by the Department and listed below.You will be required to attend a 120 Hour Pre-Licensing Webinar. Once both parts of our course requirements are met you will be issued a certificate of completion.

Upcoming Webinar Dates:

May 5th thru May 21st, 2020    Offering # 1124159

August 3rd thru August 20th, 2020 Offering # 1124160

November 2nd thru November 19th, 2020  Offering # 1124161

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PART 1  

Our 120-hour Pre-licensing Bail Bond Webinar course is only offered through Florida Bail Bond School. FBBS holds a provisional utility  patent on this internet based course.

Program Type

Our course is instructor-led in an internet classroom setting. The final exam is completed in a private web meeting, one on one, with a live instructor prompting the exam.

Additional study materials, such as training books and manuals, will be mailed out prior to your class beginning. These materials will also be available as a PDF download on the website. A personal computer, iPad, or smartphone with a high-speed internet connection are necessary for the course. Additionally, you will need a computer headset with a noise-canceling microphone, which can be purchased on Amazon for $20.

WEBCAST CLASSROOM COURSE: Means a type of Classroom course delivered through interaction with a live Instructor via the internet.

Classroom Schedule

PDF STudy Guide

System Requirements for Webinar 

Order Study Manual. You may order STUDY GUIDE Or Download PDF Version on our website ( 300 Pages ) Press MAKE PAYMENT below to order Study Guide Amount $40.00)

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PATENT PENDING FLORIDA BAIL BOND SCHOOL INC. HAS FILED an application with the USPTO under 35 U.S.C. §111(b). for a web-based Florida 120-hour bail bond course. The present Provisional Patent is a web-based virtual training instruction led course. The patent pending will use both online data (course) and material backed by web-based instruction interface, using both webinars and face-to-face video training.