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Who We Are

Monroe County Bail Bonds is a local family operated bail bonding agency. We are fully licensed and insured with professional bondsmen servicing residents and visitors of Monroe County including Plantation Key, Marathon, and Key West for over 20 years. There is always a agent on call 24 hours a day/7 days a week. When you need us, call us!

About Bail Bonds

What We Are

We are prompt, we are professional and we are discreet. Our knowledgeable personnel can answer all your bail and/or warrant related questions and facilitate the bail process rapidly while making it easy for you to understand the court proceedings and system.

Where We Are

Our main office is located in the Upper Keys at 10 High Point Road Suite A Plantation Key, FL 33070 - right around the corner from the Plantation Key Jail Dentention Center and court house. From our convenient location, we can post bail to any Monroe county jail facility  in minutes including the Key West main Jail located on Stock Island. Our agents are always available to meet you in person at our location or yours. We can also facilitate and accelerate the process over the phone by using credit card or western union in addition to fax or email. Just tell us what's convenient and comfortable for you!

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When We Are Available

Anytime, anywhere! We always answer our phones, even when others do not. We have statewide bonding authority and can post bail in Miami-Dade, and all of the other 67 county jails in Florida additionally to Monroe County. Other bail States may also be available.

Why Use Us

While others may advertise in the Florida Keys, they may not have a local office here and may not even be properly licensed. Do your research and steer clear of any advertisements lacking clear addresses. The last thing you want is to have to hunt down a shady fly by night agency to retrieve any property you may be required to place for security. You will always know where we are. Furthermore, when dealing with a non-local company, the bail process can be postponed for hours while they journey from the mainland. We are local, so we can post the bond without delay and have your loved one out of jail and into your arms as quickly as possible. Call for an immediate consultation free of charge.

About Monroe County Bail Bonds

Monroe County Bail Bonds is a Plantation Key, Florida-based bail bonds company that offers our services to Plantation Key, Marathon, Key West and throughout Florida. When you require assistance posting bail, give us a call or visit us in the office, and we'll get the process started immediately.

Each of our bail agents is supervised by our ownership. We'll take a personal look into each and every case and provide our services in a timely manner.

Some within our industry give the rest of us a bad name, but we have worked hard to earn a stellar reputation for ourselves. This includes our more than 25 years of experience of working with attorneys and judges. As a family business that bears our name, we will always maintain our integrity and excellent level of service.

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(305) 451-2593


Hours of Operation
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

10 High Point Rd, Suite A
Plantation Key, FL 33070

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